Baltā pirts Cafe

Located in the more than 100-year old Baltā pirts, on the first floor just past the main entrance, this is a cozy little cafe that is definitely worth paying a visit to! For the past century until today, people have been coming to this place because of the sense of fulfillment and peace that a visit to a traditional sauna leaves one with, and this cafe was made in the same spirit! Our secrets? Hors d'ouvres and light fare that will remind you of homemade comfort food, a wide variety of natural drinks, and a relaxed atmosphere.

The interior is intentionally light and uncluttered, giving you the space to air out both physically and emotionally, and to emerge for the rest of your day rested and rejuvenated!

Guests not visiting the sauna are always very welcome to stop by for a meal. We serve a great lunch from Wednesday thru Friday!

Classes & Events

We offer a wide variety of classes and activities at the center, such as many different kinds of yoga for children and adults alike, dance from contact improvisation to traditional tango milongas. To foster a healthier, more balanced life on a more spiritual and intellectual level, meditation classes and many seminars about particular areas of interest are also available on a regular basis!

Please have a look at the events calendar below or follow one of our instructors for more detailed info!

Oak Room (Ozola Zāle)
Linden Room (Liepas zāle)
Rowan Room (Pīlādža zāle)
Birch Room (Bērza zāle)

More info about our instructors:

“Shivani Yoga” Studio

Shivani yoga studio adheres to the traditions of Iyengar, founded by one of the most well-known modern masters of yoga worldwide, B.K.S. Iyengar. This is a very classic type of Hatha yoga, where the most attention is placed on a sequence of asanas and correct posture / physical state to help the body develop in a state of harmony and sound anatomy. This approach fosters a more calm and conscious mind.

Instructors: Anna, Dmitry, Diana, and Roman.
Classes are customarily taught in Russian. Anyone is welcome.
Class duration: 1,5 hours.
Tel: +371 26526942

“Pa saulei” Yoga Studio

“Pa saulei” yoga studio was founded to foster self-discovery through movement and meditation. In Latvian, the name of the studio is a combination of the words pa saulei (following the way of the sun), and pasaule (the world). The studio is a place for people to create, share, and gain inspiration, as each of us learns to follow our light and to share it with others.
Instructors: Ilze Dzenovska, Elīna Vincent (experienced massage therapist and healing), Laura Potaša (KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) 1.level instructor).

Class duration: 1,5 – 2 hours. Classes are customarily taught in Latvian. Anyone is welcome.
Tel.: +371 20386144

“Savitriji” Yoga Studio

Laura Vanaga is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor. Among the benefits of practicing Kundalini yoga:
• Heightened energy level
• More stable nervous system
• Inner peace
• Improved ability to concentrate
• A calm mind
This yoga is suitable for any gender or age.

Class duration: 1,5 hours. Classes are customarily taught in Latvian. Anyone is welcome.
Tel: +371 26448720

Diāna Stūrmane, Anete Raikova - Biodeja

Certified by Leipzig School of Biodance

Regular practice:
• helps relax and reduce inner stress,
• heightened sense of wellbeing, joy, and health,
• heightened sense of self-confidence and self-worth,
• helps ground the consciousness in the "here and now,"
• is just plain fun!

Class duration: 2 hours
Tel.: +371 26408889 (Diāna) or +371 29168546 (Anete)

Imants Vilciņš – Kalaripajattu

Kalaripayattu (pronunciation: [kɐɭɐripɐjɐtːɨ̆]) is a martial art which originated as a style in Kerala during the 3rd century BC to the 2nd century AD. It is a vedic martial art that is also a method of spiritual development. It is known that learning this martial art and developing one's body and mind are closely related.
Kalaripayattu was formed as a method of self-defence, but its use in a modern context can be invaluable.
By developing one's coordination, flexibility, inner strength and by better understanding the potential and limitations of the human body, one can open the way to a healthy, fulfilling life.
Getting acquinted with this art will develop not only your physical capabilities, i.e. to develop a strong and flexible body, but will also help develop a finer control over your mind, emotions, and consciousness.

Class duration: 1 hour. Classes are customarily taught in Latvian. Anyone is welcome.
Tel: +371 25461555

Jeļena Boroduļina – Children's Yoga

Yoga classes for kids aim primarily to help improve posture, regulate the tone of the body, improve muscle strength and coordination, lessen hyperactivity. These activities have been found by many to be beneficial for those dealing with symptoms of depression. Yoga has also commonly been found to strengthen the immune system and heighten focus / ability to concentrate.

Classes are taught in Russian. All children welcome.
Class duration: 1,5 hours.
Tel.: +371 28814968

Massage Therapy

The latvian pirts is a place to renew one's sense of well-being and care for one's body. To complement the relaxing effects of the sauna, various types of massage and similar therapies are also available to help your body renew itself. Each of our therapists is fully-certified and with over 10 years of experience in their respective fields.

Compliment your visit to the sauna with a wide variety of massage:
  • Classic full-body massage
  • Bamboo massage
  • Honey Skin Therapy
  • Thai foot massage
  • Reiki therapy
  • Bioenergetic massage

Women will be pleased to mix the sauna with any of our full body wrap treatments, that improve body tone, and help the body release toxins.

Aleksandrs Ziļpaušs – Deep, energetic sports massage for sore muscles and recovery from duress. Tel.: +371 29454175
Oksana Križanovska – classic therapeutic massage, cosmetic procedures. Tel.: +371 26357966
Eva Hofmane – Bioenergetic massage for body, heart, and mind. Tel.: +371 26046616
Hair Salon

Žanna Aleksandersone. Žanna was trained at the Tony & Guy Academy in Sydney. In 2008., she renewed and updated her knowledge in Riga, at the reknowned “Studija I”. She regularly participates in beauty competitions and has received numerous diplomas in specialized areas of hair care and cosmetology. She regularly works with numerous magazines and TV programs, among them: Santa, LNT, PBK and others. Žanna works with Goldwell, Ellumen, OROFLUIDO, Naturica, AlfaParf Milano and other highest quality products.

Offered treatments:
  • Cutting and styling
  • Men's haircuts
  • Hair coloring and other treatments
  • Make-up

By appointment only. Tel.: + 371 26351265.
Pirtnieks for hire!

What's that, you ask? If you would like to rent the premises for a private event, we recommend hiring a traditional Latvian sauna professional, or pirtnieks for short, who will help you get the absolute most out of your experience. Because working with clients in such intense heat is very demanding physically, the pirtnieks will only be able to handle up to 5 people in one evening, if a full pirts ritual is desired. A shorter, more abbreviated procedure is available for larger groups.

Each occasion is tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual. Some people have the constitution and cardiovascular health to take a very intense session while others want to just get an idea of what it's like. Either is fine with us -- just enjoy yourself! Usually, the ritual, goes more or less as follows:

  1. A short period in the steam room to acclimatise the body;
  2. When the pirts has been prepared, lie down in the sauna and our pirtnieks will give you working over with various slotas (the bushels of leaves used in this region of the world to channel heat and steam). The unique experience can almost be described as a hot air massage with aromatherapy! Alternate repeated sessions in the sauna with a plunge in the cold pool, until you feel completely relaxed and content.

  3. Your comfort and relaxation are always the highest priority!

  4. When you are warm through and through, next comes a massage and a salt scrub;
  5. In the final sauna session (when most people are nearing their limit and feeling a little bit light-headed), the pirtnieks will accompany you to the pool and support you at surface level, ensuring that you can relax totally and completely and enjoy the unique feeling using the sauna in this way provides;
  6. To finish the sauna procedure, depending on your preference and skin type, honey or clay masks are used to soothe and nourish the skin.

To improve the quality of your experience, we recommend:
  • For detox and cleansing, a salt scrub or clay mask, taisītus no vietējām Latvijas izejvielām;
  • Nourishment and conditioning for the skin - organic honey from local beekeepers;
  • Hand-made pirts slotas: birch, oak, linden, juniper, chamomile, nettle, hemp, and others. Each herb has particular qualities and characteristics. We will help you choose the ones most suited to your particular needs!
  • Various organic essential oils, herbal tonics, and dried herbal compresses for use in the sauna.

Event & Seminar Facilities
Room Linden Room Oak Room Rowan Room Birch Room
Area (m2) 75 90 60 45
Capacity 30-45 45-75 20-35 20-35
Hourly rate € 20.00 € 25.00 € 20.00 € 15.00
Full day € 135.00 € 150.00 € 135.00 € 100.00
Floor II. II. II. II.
Room dimensions (m) 6.57 X 7.55 14.63 X 6.35 9.36 X 6.38 4.45 X 6.60
Ceiling height 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8
Natural light Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adjacent kitchen - - Yes -
  • Rental rates include furniture;
  • All areas have wireless internet coverage;
  • Minimum rental period: 3 hours;
  • We kindly request reservations to be made at least 2 weeks prior to the event!